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Born to just never care.

Totally devoted to disturbing the peace

29 June 1988
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I'm a girl. I have a family. I have friends. They mean a lot to me.

I like learning, but I rarely have the patience or the attention span to sit and study something, so I pick shit up along the way. It has served me well so far.

I love kids. Rarely do I pass a child by without a quick peek or wave. It does drive some people crazy - be forewarned.

I talk. I talk a lot. But I can also listen, for hours and hours. And I am more than happy to talk. And listen.

You have a mind use it. Do not play dumb. I cannot stand it. Explore your world. Explore others world. Learn about where you live, where others live. Be wise to what's going on. It will never do you harm to be knowledgeable.

I like John Lennon more than I like most other people. He was one of a kind. He was who he was. He had a mind and he used it for the greater good. He was an amazing person.

I like music. I know nothing about it, but I like it. All of it. Well, not all of it, but a lot of it. I try to give all music a chance, or multiple chances.

I like parties. Dancing. Fun. I like drugs. I like booze. These are things that, at this point in my life, I am not so willing to give up for just anyone. I don't trust people who can't handle being around marijuana or alcohol.

I have my standards. Standards I am not willing to lower. They may seem high to some, but they are important enough to me.

READ BOOKS! Do it. I cannot imagine not reading. I cannot imagine having regular conversations with someone who never reads. Or any kind of meaningful friendship/relationship. There are all kinds of books, one of them WILL appeal to you. Go find it.

I fucking rock. Hardcore. There is no doubt. Ask anyone. They'll tell you.
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